An online conversation with PISLAP (Project for Integrating Spirituality Law & Politics)

Initiated by Mothiur Rahman of New Economy Law, supported by Gita Parihar of UK Youth Climate Coalition, and Kim Vanderheiden of Justice Conversation. A conversation with Peter Gabel & Nanette Schorr of PISLAP, a US network of lawyers, academics, law students and other legal professionals at the forefront of shaping an understanding of justice inspired by the spiritual values and social activism of Martin Luther King. November 2nd 2018 | 4 pm GMT Cost is free. See details below to join the conversation. from Mothiur Rahman’s description of the event: Next week is “Justice Week, an initiative launched by the Law Society and Bar Council amongst others, the professional representative bodies for solicitors and barristers respectively. The Law Society’s website explains the need for Justice Week in the following way: “with many parts of the UK system at breaking point now is the time to make a strong and clear… Continue reading

Book Review: ‘The Desire for Mutual Recognition – Social Movements and the Dissolution of the False Self’ – Peter Gabel

Image showing book cover

Contributed by Elaine Quinn, editor of The Conscious Lawyer This review first appeared in the online magazine, The Conscious Lawyer, vol IV, October 2018. You can purchase this book through Routledge Taylor & Francis Group or through your favorite bookseller. “…our original longing from birth [is] to be seen by the other in a way that fully recognizes our humanity and our longing to simultaneously affirm our recognition of the other in the same way.” (Chapter 3, page 58) Before reading any further, take a moment to sit and look at the striking portrait below. This unusual and powerful invitation is one made to the reader in the first chapter of the book. It is an invitation that perhaps experientially captures the essence of what the author wants to convey – the experience of being truly recognized by a fully present human being, of deepening into our own natural presence… Continue reading