A Word About Politics

Bindweed flower surrounding the word "Love"

The conversation on this site is about the role love plays in seeking a just outcome in our courts, in forming a just community where we live, and cultivating peace and justice in our world. It is intended to invite people into the conversation from all backgrounds and to look at justice in a holistic manner. It is not intended to represent a party’s political agenda or any other kind of agenda.

That said, it is very difficult for people to talk about justice without sharing some of their personal and political beliefs. Sometimes we run content by people who make strong points about love and justice and also have a very defined political perspective which they share in their work. We would be remiss to not share their developed inquiry into our featured topic. We try to keep the site cohesive and comprehensive without being political, but it’s not realistic, given the topic, to have no political understandings presented.

There are also times when one political party aligns more with the core of our conversation than another. We invite you to keep an open mind and heart, to look at these situations through a lens of love and justice, and if you feel there is a part of this conversation that is love-based and is not being shared, please consider contributing to our content.



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