Love is the Foundation of Justice

Whether in criminal justice, school discipline, or social action, Justice is not served except through Love. Read more...

For Living

Reflections on life experiences and justice, exploration and awareness through arts and writing, and spiritual practices to nurture justice.

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Tools and research for classrooms and school administrators emphasizing restorative practice and positive discipline.

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Book reviews, reflections, research, and professional development for people working with or within the justice system.

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Day of Empathy

Day of Empathy

Day of Empathy will take place across 50 states, and focus on uplifting stories of people impacted by the criminal justice system to encourage legislative action
When, America, Will There Be Liberty and Justice for All?

When, America, Will There Be Liberty and Justice for All?

“Liberty and justice for all” is an idea we’ve never lived up to, –never even have come close. A year or two ago, when the Pledge of Allegiance was led in assemblies in my children’s school, I stopped saying the words, and instead, with hand over heart, decided to pray...