Participating in justice calls you to an inner journey. Why would justice not simply be a social concern for activists, or an intellectual concern for lawyers and law makers, or an operations concern for police officers and administrators? Because whoever you are, you yourself are a participant in injustice as well as a critical agent for change. We humans fear, and project our fears onto others. We become tired, overwhelmed, angry, and lash out or give up. We build cages and walls around our hearts and minds, close ourselves off physically into our own small worlds, because holding ourselves open to another’s painful experience is too much, especially on top of our own pain.

Spiritual practices that support justice help us to hear, hold, and accompany others, and allow ourselves to be heard, held and accompanied. We invite you here to read and to share your own meditations, practices, prayers, and teachings for the benefit of all who visit here. All faith traditions welcome.