Visual Arts

Some visual art communicates in less than a breath things that would take pages of writing. Some visual art is more secretive, requiring patience, study and reflection before yielding sublime insight. Often artists are drawing the energy of their work through themselves from a wellspring that is difficult to fathom, one that weaves the artists experiences, psychology, perceptions, relationships, intellect, and spirituality into a unique output, an artist’s body of work. Many artists use their work to draw attention to injustice, to speak truth, and to share visions.

Here is a space to view and share those visual artists and works which seek to move us to a truer, deeper life of justice. If you have work to share or a review of work you’ve seen that you feel belongs on this site, please reach out to us using the form at the bottom of our Participate page. To share visual art, send us a note on the page telling us a bit about your work, and a link where we can view the work online.