Novels and short stories allow us to have some experience of lives and memories that we don’t live, actions we would never take. They can give us a glimpse of courage we don’t know if we possess, imagine worlds that we don’t live in, allow us to make mistakes we wouldn’t dare to risk, suppose how we might move in circumstances that we would dread, and open us to love that both breaks and shapes us. Conversely, they can also allow us to see ourselves and circumstances like our own, giving us a gift of being seen by others, by those who have written, published, and read the writing before us.

Join us in exploring and sharing works of fiction treating of justice, love, relationship, and restoration, reaching for what justice sounds like, looks like, feels like, and acts like in the many difficult situations in which we may never find ourselves yet someone else may live.  Join us in exploring and sharing writing in which you see yourself in relation to justice.

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